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Fire Cider

Prep Time

30 min

A Body tonic elixir that helps build the immune system by creating heat in the body.This elixir is great to help aid in weight loss and can also be used to manage pain from inflammation.


Apple cider vinegar with a mother, horse radish root, ginger Root, turmeric Root, garlic, onion, ghost peppers, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon infused with raw honey, Amount of fruit ,honey and cider depends on how big of a vessel you choose.


Find a Large glass vessel. Chop up all roots and peppers..Use cinnamon sticks , break up or grind and add to the mix. Add Apple cider vinegar with a mother into the vessel, leaving one inch free from the lid. Add lemons and grapefruit ,squeeze and put whole fruit in. Add honey and mix with a spoon. cover and let sit in a cool dim lit space. Check on it every couple of weeks by stirring and tasting, I cold brew my fire cider for 6 months then strain and pour into jars for drinking. Fire cider does not have to be refrigerated.