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Kerrs Creek Distillery


, NY Delaware County


(607) 441-8342

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Kerrs Creek Distillery is the result of a legacy that started a 100 years ago in the Catskills, during Prohibition. Our great grandfather used the best ingredients that Delaware County provided to create a steady stream of illegal booze to the speak-easies of New York City.

While things have changed a bit in the past 100 years, we are still dedicated to creating the highest quality spirits from the bounty of the Catskills. We use locally farmed and sourced ingredients in all of our products, and rely on the crisp, clear mountain water to give a distinctly pleasurable flavor to our Silver Moon Vodka, Easy Speaker Bourbon, and Silver Moon Apple Vodka.

Visit our site to find out where you can purchase Kerrs Creek Distillery’s products.

*Please note that we are not currently open to the public for tours/tastings.


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