Cross Mountain Creations

Handcrafted jewelry and quality gemstones at affordable prices. A variety of jewelry set in Sterling Silver, 14K and 10K gold. Genuine stones, cut and set by a lifelong lover of lapidary science. Pieces are one of a kind and in the size that is offered; of course almost any ring can be resized by a bench jeweler. Also available are a wide variety of cut stones that have not been set, so the ability to make a custom piece, or at the very least supply stones for that custom piece that you've always dreamed about is not only available but probably much more affordable than what you ever thought. Gemstones available include the following: Amethyst Ametrine Tiger Eyes Andalusite Iolite Labradorite Beryl Apatite Mt, St. Helens Aquamarine Citrine Diamonds Emeralds Garnet: Almandine, Grossular, Rhodolite, Hessonite, Pyrope,Uvarovite, Spessartite Tsavorite Kunzite Jade Opal (Australian, Black, Mexican Fire) Carved opals Peridot Rose Quartz Morganite Sapphires-- Ceylon, color change, linde stars, yellow, pink Ruby Snowflake Obsidian Black diopside Amber Carnelian Tanzanite Spinel-- Red, pink, grey Turquoise Topaz-- london blue, Swiss blue, white Moonstone Carved Sunstone Tourmaline-- green, mint, peach, chrome, bicolor, pink, cognac, blue, Zircon--white, champagne, blue, golden, green, red, cognac Rough cut available in: Emerald, Opal, Turquoise, Agates and more
Cross Mountain Creations
2403 Cross Mountain Road
(518) 496-8085

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Spruce, Larch logs available
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Hand crafted jewelry
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Dirty Girl Farm, Cauliflower Festival, Lumberjack Festival, Holiday