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Cody's Sugar Shack and Farming


829 Basil Todd Road
Fleischmanns, New York 12430 Delaware County


(845) 254-4131

Business owner

MegAnne Balcom

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We began making maple syrup about 12 years ago. As kids, both of us had made maple syrup with our families over an open fire in our backyards. We thought that this would be something that we could share with our son, Cody. That first year we started with about 100 buckets on our own property. We had built a small sap house and purchased a 20” x 60” evaporator. The next year we increased the buckets to about 250. As Rusty would say, weekends were great, because all the kids would come to collect, but during the week he would be the only one out there with a headlamp on collecting. From that point on, we changed to the sap lines and each year we have increased the amount of taps we have out. We have also upgraded the evaporator two times since that first year, and have built a new, much larger sap house. We now have approximately 6000 taps, some that are pumped directly into the sap house and some that we collect from.
Along the way, we decided that selling eggs might also be a fun project for Cody, so we purchased 100 baby chicks, built a chicken coop and started collecting eggs, which we are still doing today. A few years after that we built a barn and purchased four cows. The four cows have since multiplied as well as purchasing a few others. Shortly after that we took over a friend’s pig business. About this time, we changed the name from Cody’s Sugar Shack to Cody’s Sugar Shack and Farming.
We not only offer maple syrup and maple syrup products, we also have eggs and USDA certified beef, pork and chicken which you can find in our sap house Market. We also have Turkeys which we raise and are available for Thanksgiving.
We also do hay in the summer and have Wreath Making parties in the Winter.
All of this has kept us busy, however, we would not change it for anything, as we love what we are doing and what we have accomplished so far and look forward to what the future holds for our family and our farming operation.
We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do.


Farm Products

  • Beef
  • Christmas Trees/Wreaths
  • Eggs
  • Jams/Jellies/Chutnies
  • Maple Products
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Turkey

Forest Products

  • Maple Products

Artisan Products

  • Christmas Trees/Wreaths
  • Jams/Jellies/Chutnies

Growing Practices

  • Hormone-free
  • Insecticide free
  • No chemicals
  • Pesticide-free

Activities and Services

  • Wreath making classes