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Catskills Comfrey


575 Big Red Kill Rd
Fleischmanns, NY 12430 Delaware County


(845) 254-4626

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Seth Hersh

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Comfrey, commonly referred to as ‘knit bone’, has been used for centuries as a healing medicinal with numerous subdermal treatment benefits:

  1. pain from sprains
  2. healing of broken bones
  3. arthritic pain
  4. joint and muscle pain
  5. Trigger Finger symptoms, reducing their severity, frequency and duration
  6. pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments
  7. burns, abrasions and skin irritations, including sunburn
  8. inflammation from insect bites and bee stings
  9. sensitive, inflamed toenail infections
  10. atopic dermatitis (psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, diaper)
  11. acne and cold sores
  12. acne and cold sores
  13. dry, cracked skin
  14. neuropathy and sciatica (Chili Pepper)
  15. surgical healing (Arnica & Calendula)
  16. tattoo healing (Arnica & Calendula)
  17. microBlade healing (Arnica & Calendula)



Catskills Comfrey Original ointment consists of coconut and Greek olive oils, infused with non-certified organic, dried comfrey grown on our small farm. The entire manufacturing process, from planting and harvesting the comfrey to infusing the comfrey into the oils and packaging, is done in Delaware County. Each ointment we produce is comfrey-based, ie, all ointments contains the same, high concentration of comfrey as found in the Original. We have nearly 400 comfrey plants in the ground.


Two additional varieties, Chili Pepper and Arnica & Calendula, have the same basic formulation as the Original ointment but have additional and specific herbs infused along with the ever-present comfrey. We make powerful, healing medicinals, naturally.


Beginning in 2019, we began growing our own CBD-dominant hemp. This has resulted in two new ointments: 1) CBD [comfrey, arnica and CBD] and 2) CBD Premium [comfrey, arnica, calendula and CBD]. The first CBD product contains 200mg CBD per oz of ointment, while CBD Premium contains 500mg of CBD per oz. The 2oz CBD Premium jar contains 1,000mg CBD – one of the highest concentrations in the industry. We infuse the dried hemp buds directly into our coconut and Greek olive oils, bypassing the usual chemically-oriented extraction of the CBD. The result is a truly ‘full-spectrum’ CBD, fulfilling the basic criteria of the Entourage Effect. We know where our CBD comes from…our upper pasture.


Comfrey thirves in the Catskills – and it shows in the large, rich leaves we harvest for infusing into our carrier oils [We do NOT harvest the comfrey root for use in our ointments.]. We also grow our own arnica and calendula. For the Chili Pepper version, we use the Carolina Reaper chili pepper, the world’s hottest pepper. The Chili Pepper ointment is HOT: there is approximately one full Carolina Reaper pod per ounce of oils.

Essentially, comfrey leaves and root contain allantoin, which encourages growth of new skin cells and increases white blood cells. Allantoin is commonly found in cosmetic creams and lotions. Although the cosmetic industry manufactures its supply of allantoin, comfrey is a natural source of this very important active ingredient. Mucilage, an effective and known moisturizer, is also found in high concentrations. With Catskills Comfrey, you get the direct benefit of comfrey – and all of its unique abilities to fight and reduce sub-dermal inflammation.

Infused comfrey has a unique, earthy, healthy smell. When applied, the liniment ‘melts’ instantaneously from the heat of your hand – and the subtle smell of comfrey disappears within minutes as the oils are absorbed into your skin.

Comfrey appears particularly effective in treating the symptoms of ‘Trigger Finger’: the severity, intensity and frequency of finger- and thumb-lock and spasms can be significantly reduced, allowing the otherwise ‘tightened’ ligaments to release and ‘flow’ more smoothly.




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