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Have you ever tried fresh turkey for Thanksgiving? If not, you should add this into your annual Thanksgiving and it’ll be the best turkey you have ever had! Check out these Pure Catskills members who have turkey to sell for your holiday: Abbas Acres, Black Willow Pond Farm, Cooper’s Ark Farm, Heather Ridge Farm, Horton Hill Farm, Burn Ayr Farm, Twin Ponds Farm, Brookside Farm & Maple, Foxtail Community Farm, Greenane FarmsTwo Pods in a Pea. Click here for more Pure Catskills members offering turkey.

Try these Turkey hacks to step up your Thanksgiving dinner this year!

  1. Think about buying two smaller Turkeys instead of one large Turkey.
  2. Try a Dry Brine!
  3. Don’t stuff your Turkey. This can cause your Turkey to dry out
  4. Wrap it in bacon
  5. Cook white and dark meats separately

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