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April showers bring May flowers! In bloom this month are Daffodils, Lilacs, Forsythia, Salvia, Iris, Peonies, Lily of the Valley, Tulips and more. Buy local for your loved ones from Blackberry Ridge Farm, Catskill Blooms, Cold Spring Farm, Edgewood, Glenerie Farm, Misty Meadows Flower Farm, Earthgirl Flowers, Kelder’s Farm, Jubilee Farms NY, Monet Flower Farm, Sticky Petal Farm, L & M Greenhouses, Sweet Meadows County Home and Garden, and Elm Garden & Floral Design.

When the weather is nice get outside to pick some wildflowers. Here are some tips:

  • The best time to go wildflower picking is really early in the morning or in the evening because the stems are filled with water and the air is cooler.
  • Always pick the flowers just before they are in full bloom. Ones that are dropping petals or are covered in pollen are too old.
  • Don’t over pick! Leave some flowers for nectar and pollen for pollinators.
  • It might be called “wildflower picking” but when using scissors make sure to cut the stem at an angle. This will help to keep the flowers alive longer.
  • Lastly, when placing the flowers in a vase use room temperature water.

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