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Brussels Sprouts

It’s Brussels sprouts season here in the Catskills! Whether you’re harvesting them from your garden or buying from a local farmer, here is a list of tips for the best-tasting Brussels sprouts:

  • Look for bright green sprouts with compact leaves
  • Different sizes have different flavors
    • Larger Brussels sprouts can have more of a bitter taste and smaller sized Brussels sprouts have a sweeter flavor
  • Trim the stem ends and cut them accordingly
    • If you are roasting them, cut them in quarters or halves and if you’re shredding them leave them whole
  • Roast them longer than expected
    • Cook the sprouts until the leaves are browned for the sweetest flavor
  • Brussels sprouts can also be tasty raw
    • Mix the sprouts with a vinaigrette and let sit for 15 minutes for a tasty salad

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