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Did you recently grab some asparagus from your local farmers’ market? Store your asparagus correctly to keep it fresh longer- trim the cut ends, stand them in a glass of water, cover with plastic and refrigerate.

3 Tricks to cooking the best asparagus:

1. Rinse your asparagus well!
– Dirt can be stuck in the tips of the asparagus; fill a bowl with cold water and let your fresh asparagus soak for a few minutes before rinsing!
2. Break off the woody ends!
– Don’t know how much stalk to trim off? Let the asparagus tell you! Just gently bend the asparagus and you’ll be able to feel where it naturally wants to break. Snap off the stalk end as far down as it will break.
3. Don’t overcook it!

-This is the most important when cooking asparagus, make sure you don’t overcook it! Make sure the asparagus is cooked until it is tender or you will have a sad, mushy experience. You can tell asparagus is done by piercing it with a fork and by constantly taste testing while cooking.

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