Find Local Products: Wholesale

Jodie Dawson
1577 NY State Route 17B
White Lake, NY 12786
PH: (845) 583-4082
Wholesale Products:
Joshua Nelligan
8A Waymen Drive
Otego, NY 13825
PH: (607) 644-0610
Wholesale Products:
<p>Dried herbs and spices.</p>
Christopher Wilson WURTSBORO, NY 12790
PH: (845) 459-5862
Wholesale Products:
<p>We offer wholesale to wineries, cheese shops, butchers, boutiques and restaurants. We also offer custom labels for our products for events. We offer 4 ounce, 9 ounce and larger commercial sizes.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
Sonia Sola Dave Dutton
393 Peeters Road
Schenevus, NY 12155
PH: (607) 638-5758
Wholesale Products:
<p>Grass fed lamb</p><p>Grass fed beef</p><p>Honey</p><p>Apple cider</p><p>Produce when in season</p><p>Fiber goods</p>
Chase & Danielle Buck
460 North Road
Jefferson, NY 12093
PH: (607) 652-3188
Wholesale Products:
Maple Syrup Pumpkins Gourds Decorative Pumpkins
Holly Bator-Dziewit
119 Binn Rd.
Stamford, NY 12167
PH: (607) 652-9221
Wholesale Products:
<p>Wholesale inquiries are welcome :-) !</p>
Anat Volfovich
595 Franklin Heights Road
Franklin, NY 13775
PH: (215) 688-8676
Wholesale Products:
<p>Organically grown blueberries in pint &amp; half pint clamshell or pulp</p>
Denny Dorosky
251 County Highway 7
Otego, NY 13825
PH: (607) 988-4026
Wholesale Products:
<p>Candles by phone order, e-mail , facebook or on Pure Catskills Market Place.</p><p></p>
Ilyssa Berg
371 Mittedorf Road
Garrattsville, NY 13342
PH: (607) 321-3191
Wholesale Products:
<p>Fresh chevre</p><p>Feta</p><p>Ricotta</p><p>Soft-ripened chevre</p><p>Caramel (Cajeta)</p>
Dwayne Hill
450 Shaver Road
Harpersfield, NY 13786
PH: (607) 652-6792
Wholesale Products:
<p>Maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, granulated maple sugar, maple mustard, maple bbq sauce, maple popcorn, maple peanut brittle, maple drops, maple lollipops</p>