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JP Harris & Chance McCoy

Sunday, July 23, 2017
19:00 to 21:00

49 West Kortright Church Road

Country /Folk
$17 ($20); $14 Member ($17); $11

JP Harris and Chance McCoy met at a week- long, muddy, moonshine-fueled fiddler’s convention, set high in the West Virginia mountains many summers ago. Over the last ten-some-odd years they continued to meet at random, drinking corn liquor and losing time in the drone of the old fiddle-and-banjo tunes of the 19th century they both love. In time, JP formed his notorious honky tonk band JP Harris and The Tough Choices (winning national praise from Rolling Stone magazine, among others), while Chance went on to join the Grammy clad, platinum-selling band Old Crow Medicine Show.

Now, with their careers landing them both in Nashville, it is time at last for the pair to find an outlet for the music that initially brought them together. Wielding fretless banjos, fiddles, and flat top guitars, the old time sounds of Appalachia flow fluidly. Their interpretations and treatments of traditional stylings often have an unconventional edge—be it a drone-heavy rendition of an obscure blues song, the echoing sparsity of only a fretless banjo, or two voices in eerily convincing harmony.
The stage show of this accomplished duo is almost as much about the laughter, dark introspection, and folk history as it is the music.