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Community Event

Free Cultivating Cognitive Agility with our Plant and Tree Allies

Tuesday, August 8, 2023
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Bushel Collective, 106 Main St., Delhi, NY

Delaware County

Where: at Bushel Collective, 106 Main St., Delhi, NY

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm [a little longer for those who would like to mingle and talk more]

Please Call and Register: 607-437-1218 or [email protected]


This is an experiential lecture where elements of the Cultivating Cognitive Agility trainings are shared.
Here, we start the process of cultivating inter-relational impressions with surrounding land systems.

We believe that listening to the voice of Nature teaches us relational language.
We believe listening to the voice of Nature helps us rise up beyond the misguided
human exceptionalism we’ve been brainwashed with.

And we passionately address how we (all) can resurrect our innate ancestral soul for the relationship
we were born to live inter-relational with – Plants, Trees, Earth and the Sacred.

Talking Points:

We believe we are already in a deep relationship with Plants and Trees. How.

We believe we have the ability to access diverse perceptual fields. Why.
And we believe we can all entrain to alpha and theta frequencies. Why? Because this is the frequency
of Earth as well as Plants and Trees.

And frequencies is the language of all things.

Lastly, shared will be case scenarios on how we must bring Plants or Trees and or Nature allies with us to
decision making tables, especially, if decisions involve them. Wouldn’t that be ideal?
And what if all meetings were held outdoors? How might that change the way we treat not only

each other, but Nature herself? Wow.

Programs conclude with an open discussion.


Plant Pioneers