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Community Event

Brian Mulder owner of Union Grove Distillery on Moonshiners Master Distiller.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
7pm to 10 pm

Union Grove Distillery 43311 State Hwy 28 Arkville, NY 12406

Delaware County

Union Grove Distillery’s Brian Mulder on Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners: Master Distiller

ARKVILLE, NY (February 1, 2024)– Union Grove Distillery, in Arkville, NY, is pleased to
announce that owner and distiller Brian Mulder will appear on Discovery Channel’s
Moonshiners: Master Distiller. In each episode, three distillers from across the United States
compete to wow the judges and become Master Distiller. The show follows the competition as
legal and outlaw distillers put their skills to the test to create the judge’s favorite moonshine.
Brian Mulder was approached to compete on the show through a casting agency, and with a
very short turnaround time, found himself in Tennessee competing with the best distillers in the
nation. “Being asked to be on the show and then getting cast was a complete surprise. This was
never something I aspired to, but it was a tremendous opportunity, and I am glad I did it,” Brian
shared. “I shipped nine gallons of local Maple Syrup to set and packed my suitcase full of yeast,
wild Catskill Mountain Ginseng root and Ginseng extract. After experiencing the excitement and
popularity of moonshine, we will be adding moonshine to the line-up. First up will be Maple
Ginseng Moonshine. We will have a 30-gallon moonshine still at Union Grove by the time our
episode airs.”

Episodes from Season 6 are now airing on Discovery Channel and anticipation is building for
Brian Mulder’s TV debut. His episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, February 27 th at 9pm
EST. Union Grove Distillery will be hosting a screening party complete with a variety of free
charcuterie and snacks in addition to a cash bar.

In the meantime, visit Union Grove Distillery to sample spirits, enjoy craft cocktails, and
purchase a bottle of their renowned spirits to bring home.

About Union Grove Distillery
Union Grove Distillery, located on Route 28 in Arkville, is owned and operated by Brian and
Penny Mulder. The family-run distillery, tasting room, and events space is happy to welcome
guests to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails and wood-fired pizzas every Friday and Saturday.
Brian Mulder has been distilling at Union Grove for over 7 years, utilizing local ingredients to
create delicious spirits that represent the Catskill Mountains. Find more information about Union
Grove by visiting their website here.
About the show Moonshiners: Master Distillers
America’s top legal and outlaw distillers go head-to-head in the ultimate booze-making
competition, to see who has what it takes to join the ranks of the greats and win the title of
master distiller. Find more here.

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