We Are Pure Catskills

It’s all about connections! Pure Catskills helps our members make connections with local and downstate customers and wholesale buyers looking to purchase regionally grown and produced products, including high-quality, value-added products that permeate the Catskills. Pure Catskills helps local farms and businesses make connections to each other to create powerful collaborations. The combination of all of these efforts improves the economic viability of communities in the watershed.

Learn about some of our members in the videos below.

Star Route Farm

Origins Cafe

Windy Hill Goat Dairy

Buck Hill Farm

Barber's Farm

Breezy Meadows Farm

Gunhouse Hill Alpacas

The Heron

Treadlight Farm

Wayside Cider

Main Street Farm

Robson's Christmas Tree Farm

Maple Shade Farm

Majestic Farm

Greenane Farms

Eminence Winery

Natural Contents Kitchen


Apple Pond Farm

Pure Catskills Brand Launch

Lucky Dog Food Hub

Chef Deanna

Katrok Woodworks

Berry Brook Farm