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Zeep Natural Soap’s founder, Peter DeTemmerman, got inspired by the streams, mountains, and valleys of the Catskills to create a series of Catskills-themed all-natural soaps. All soaps come with their own haiku, and are made in small batches, using essential oils and nourishing vegetable oils, while omitting synthetic additives, plastic, palm oil, and animal fats. They can be used as a facial and body soap, or as a shampoo bar. Founded on the power of beneficial natural ingredients, Zeep Natural Soap is caring and gentle, for both you and nature.

Peter De Temmerman

712 Coles Clove

Delancey, NY
CP: 13752
County: Delaware



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Artisan products
  • Hand-blended
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  • All-natural handmade soaps

Type of listing:

Type of listing:

Farmers market at: Birdsong Farm

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