Steinbock Farm

Honey, Maple Syrup and Vegetables from the Hillside It’s hard to buy food that isn’t impacted by commercial farming pesticides and herbicides. Since clean food is important to us, we have been growing organic vegetables in our greenhouse, producing maple syrup, managing a bee yard and raising our own animals for several years. We are now harvesting more than our family and friends need, and it’s time to share our honey, maple syrup and vegetables with the community. That is why we started Steinbock Farm. Honey - We manage over 30 hives. Our apiary is distinctively remote from population centers and commercial farming operations. Our bees have excellent forage including fruit trees, basswood, sumac, wild thyme, wild mint, clover, thistle, burdock, milkweed, Japanese knotweed, and other wildflowers. Maple Syrup - We use a light touch when tapping our trees. We drill cleanly to the right depth and size and remove taps each year so trees can heal. We make our syrup the traditional way without removing water before boiling the sap. Also, we test for, and will not use, evaporators with lead welds. Vegetables - Our greenhouse and garden are watered by overflow from a spring that also provides our drinking and household water. This is gravity fed, and provides enough pressure to operate a garden hose and our automatic drip lines without power. Drip lines paired with mulching greatly minimize water loss. Only the timer system requires power - two AA batteries for the entire year. We use only organic soil, fertilizers, raised bed materials, and products. We do this so that we have clean food, and are excited about sharing it as we grow. If this part of our business catches on, our next step will be to seek organic certification.
Steinbock Farm
304 Mallon Road
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Steinbock Farm

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