Skytop Springs Fish Farm

Skytop Springs Fish Farm is a family owned and operated aquaculture operation focused on the responsible use of our resources in order to grow the healthiest, most beautiful and delicious Kamloops Rainbow Trout. We raise trout solely for the purpose of consumption so we care deeply about the quality of the fish we produce - from the water we rear our trout in, to the premium feed they eat - every aspect of the growth of our fish are monitored from the time they hatch, to the time they're ready for market. At Skytop Springs Fish Farm we not only hatch and raise our trout, but we also harvest and process it for market - all at our farm located in Delaware County. We prepare our trout whole (dressed), filleted, butterflied, and Northwest Style Smoked!
Skytop Springs Fish Farm
234 Skytop Lane
Sidney Center
(607) 265-3797

Growing Practices: 
All Natural
No chemicals
Other Growing Practices: 
Mercury Free
Farm Products: 
Other Farm Products: 
Smoked Trout