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We’ve been making all natural apple cider vinegar for 3 generations. Our apple cider vinegar is made here on the farm where our raw cider is placed in a bulk tank to age for up to 2 years. During this process it produces mother - an organic material that contains enzymes and minerals. We leave the mother in our vinegar.

Our infused vinegars are made in small batches using locally grown herbs and berries (many are grown right here on the farm). Our honey products are infused with unfiltered raw honey and create a healthful mix used for teas, tonics and culinary purposes.

We also offer barrel aged ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), using re-purposed oak barrels re-purposed from local cideries and distilleries. The barrels add mellow tones to the ACV and they also take on individual notes from the product previously used in the vessel.

The vinegars are sold in 5oz, 8oz, 12oz and 25oz units.

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Apple cider vinager, Unfiltered, Raw, with the mother Apple Cider Vinegars, Sharon Springs Farm Girl artisinal Apple cider Vinegars...all natural infused ACV with locally grown herbs and berries and ACV infused with berries and raw honey
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Apple cider vinegar
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<p>Apple cider vinegar sold gallons and Sharon Springs Farm Girl vinegars sold in 8oz and 12 oz units, Black Current infused ACV, Doubleberry(raspberry and blackberry)infused ACV Blueberry infused ACV, Fired ACV (Tumeric, ginger, horseradish,jalapeno pepper, garlic, onion, lemon, rosemary, and honey), ACV and honey, Black Current infused ACV and honey, Doubleberry ACV infused with honey, Blueberry ACV infused with Honey, Garlic Infused ACV, Rosemary infused ACV, Ginger infused ACV , Ginger Honey Infused ACV</p>