The Rogers Ranch

The Rogers Ranch is a small honey producer located in the Western Catskill Mountains in Hamden NY located in Delaware County. The husband and wife team of Brian and Rachelle Rogers started their beekeeping adventure in 2015. They only planned for it to be a small hobby, but after a few short years of success, they have expanded. They are now sharing their honey with friends, family and community members near and far. They take great pride in the care and handling of their honeybees and the harvesting of the honey. The extraction process is quite simple. The capped frames of honey are removed from the hive, leaving more than enough honey for the bees to over-winter. The wax caps are cut and removed from the comb (the beeswax is used for our lip balm, lotion bars, and candles) and the frame is spun to extract the honey. Once extracted, the honey is simply strained and put directly into bottles. The honey is never heated. The spring honey is a light yellow gold, which comes from the spring flower blooms of clover, dandelions and apple blossoms. The darker amber colored honey is from the fall blooming flowers of knot weed and golden rod.

The Rogers Ranch
Brian & Rachelle
4211 Launt Hollow Road
(607) 746-6557

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