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Isolation Proof


55911 NY-10
Bloomville, NY 13739 Delaware County


(504) 913-0949

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Jake Sherry

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Made (in a barn) in New York

Isolation Proof was born in 2020 in a wooden barn in the Western Catskills. It began as our desire to make a sustainable product that we could touch, smell, taste — and most importantly — share. We started making gin and never looked back.

our gin

We set out to make the kind of gin that we wanted to drink: a no-nonsense, spirit-forward cross between a London Dry and New American style gin. Isolation Proof is earthy and spicy, with a backbone of sweetness from organic licorice and orange peel, and a signature peppery finish from cubeb. It’s versatile in cocktails and extraordinarily sippable by itself. Download our tech sheet for the full botanical list and tasting notes.

Minimal intervention

Our production process is intentionally low intervention (no chill filtering, etc.) We love the natural minerality that comes through in our spring water, and the temperature fluctuations that occur in our uninsulated barn. The result of working with these conditions is a living, breathing gin that reflects the time, place, and conditions under which it was made.


As consumers, we pay a lot of attention to where our food comes from, but we don’t pay much attention to where our spirits come from.

As a farm distillery, we source 80%+ of our raw ingredients from New York State, including our base spirit which is made from 100% up-cycled whey, dairy by-product that would otherwise be thrown away. The whey is converted to sugar, which is converted to alcohol, which we convert to sustainable and delicious gin.

We distill small-batch sustainable gin that tastes like the place where it is made. That place is Bovina Center NY, a tiny town nestled in a valley in the Western Catskills.

Each batch is distilled in our wooden barn, using mineral rich spring water from our hillside. Over 80% of our ingredients come from New York State, and any ingredients that we can’t source locally are organic and sustainable.


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