Chasing Honey Farm at Griffin Corners

Chasing Honey Farm at Griffin Corners

We are a honey farm co-op, a way to craft and sell super-premium, local, raw honey. The apiary (or bee yard) is co-located at Griffin Corners, our boutique farm in the Central Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. Our hives are treatment-free and we specialise in raw honey that is made without the use of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, miticides, fumigants, commercial pollination practices, or artificial feeding of established colonies. We allow our bees to develop a natural resistance to the pest and disease factors that plague commercial honey farmers and avoid the use truly harsh chemicals to create a false sense of immunity in the hive.

Because we aim for quality over quantity by using natural beekeeping practices we may yield less honey than less-scrupulous beekeepers in the region. Though it's good to know that we're producing a world-class product without poisoning the nearby watershed with agricultural runoff.

It's not what we do to our honey that makes it so special, it's what we don't do that is the hallmark of our super-premium honey products.

Chasing Honey Farm allows anyone to buy membership into our co-op on an annual basis, and even own a share of the proceeds of a beehive and receive the honey or money from the sale of the honey from their hive at market.

We do all the work. You reap what we sow. Sweet deal, right?

By appointment: We run tours and tastings throughout the honey season- April through October.

Chasing Honey Farm at Griffin Corners
189-829 Brush Ridge Road
(313) 242-7324

Growing Practices: 
All Natural
Insecticide free
Integrated Pest Management
No chemicals
Non-certified Organic
Other Growing Practices: 
Our honey is naturally made without the use of any miticides (fluvalinate, coumaphos, thymol) or formic acid, chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, fumigants, commercial pollination practices, or artificial feeding of established colonies.
Farm Products: 
Other Farm Products: 
Bulk Beeswax
Activities and Services: 
Groups welcome
Farm Tours
Other Activities and Services: 
Sustainable beekeeping services for home, business, and farm
Wholesale Products: 
<p>We wholesale packaged&nbsp;honey to retailers as well speciality bakers, candy makers, and restaurants.&nbsp;Contact for details.</p>