Cafe Adella Dori

In 2016, in the scenic hamlet of Callicoon on the Upper Delaware River, Eva Barnett founded a cafe named for her bubbi, Adella, and her mom, Dori.  Inspired by these two remarkable women, the cafe would be a welcoming place to enjoy great coffee, tasty tea, baked goods made from scratch, and a satisfying meal made with love.

Drawing on her experience both as a cook  in various restaurants and as a field hand on organic farms (Mountain Dell, Willow Wisp Organic, Silver Heights Plant Nursery) Eva wanted to create a cafe that would combine Old World graciousness with Catskill freshness.  A place that thinks globally — with elements gleaned from Eva's family history in Europe, South Africa, and the American South — but sources locally, its menu reflecting the seasons and harvests of the beautiful Upper Delaware Valley.  

Cafe Adella Dori
33 Lower Main Street
(845) 887-3081

Farm Products: 
Baked Goods
Activities and Services: 
Restaurant/Cafe onsite
Other Activities and Services: 
breakfast, Lunch