Bonticou Ducks

Our mission is to raise heritage poultry in a natural environment. This provides a full and natural life for the birds while raising the highest quality meat for the table. Our birds roam freely in pasture and woodlands, and spend their days relaxing in the shade of pine trees, hunting insects, lolling in the sun and playing in water. They are confined at night for protection from predators. Our flocks include; heritage American Cayuga, British Silver Appleyard, Moulard and Muscovy ducks, Embden and French Toulouse geese and Bresse and Malines chickens. The Poulet de Bresse is one of the world’s most famous chickens, and is widely regarded as one of the great examples of French cuisine. Our stock are direct descendants of birds imported from France. The Malines, from Belgium, are less well known outside of Europe, but this is our personal favorite for flavor. We sell fresh whole birds in season. Geese are available for Thanksgiving and Christmas only. Our birds are processed in a local, family-run independent NYS-5A inspected plant, where the birds are handled humanely throughout. Humane treatment of our birds is of paramount importance to us. We sell our whole birds to individuals and to local restaurants. We also prepare value added foods from our birds and sell these directly to the consumer at local farmers markets. We are vendors at the New Paltz (New Paltz NY), Rosendale (Rosendale NY) and Dirty Girl Farm (Andes NY) Farmers Markets, and our products may be ordered on line and picked up at your local market or at Stone Ridge Orchard. Our current offerings include duck and goose breasts and legs smoked with apple, cherry and hickory woods, duck and goose leg confit, paleo bone broth and rendered fat, organ meats and pet treats.
Bonticou Ducks
Stone Ridge Orchard
Stone Ridge
(646) 623-4579

Growing Practices: 
All Natural
Free Range
Heritage Breed
Insecticide free
No chemicals
Other Growing Practices: 
Our birds are allowed to be birds, they are not confined except as is needed to protect from ground predators. Ducks, geese and chickens co-exist in a multi-generational group.
Farm Products: 
Prepared Foods
Other Farm Products: 
Smoked duck and goose breast, duck and goose leg confit, rendered fat, paleo bone broth
Other Activities and Services: 
Visitors are welcome at Stone Ridge Orchard, by appointment only
Farmers' Market Vendor at: 
New Paltz Farmers Market, Rosendale Farmers Market, Dirty Girl Goat Farm Farmers Market, Andes NY