Bee Thankful Raw Honey

Greetings to you. We are caring and responsible beekeepers here in the exceptionally beautiful Western Catskills, having established our apiary, or “honey bee farm”, in 2012 on 20 acres of land in the outskirts of the Village of Delhi.

Our honey bee’s produce a variety of seasonal honey, from Spring to late Autumn, which keeps us as busy as they are.

The seasonal varieties of honey are truly outstanding; different colors and taste, depending on what flowers and tree’s they forage on, gathering the nectar from these plants to transform into honey for their energy and overwintering, with any extra a gift to us.

We take nothing else from their hard work in the hive. Our honey is raw, it is not pasteurized. The honey will eventually crystallize, which is what honey does outside the hive, and is still “good”. We have sustainable apiary, and have our bee’s tested every year and are pleased to say they are healthy, no pesticide or herbicide residual in them. We are open all year long, and will fill jars for you. Stop by anytime and taste the honey before you purchase.

Bee Thankful Raw Honey
Jim & Deb
135 Delaware Avenue
(607) 746-6316
Bee Thankfull Raw Honey

Growing Practices: 
All Natural
Insecticide free
Integrated Pest Management
Farm Products: 
Other Artisan Products: 
Creamed honey (not whipped), comb honey, lip balm
Other Activities and Services: 
Home stand
Farmers' Market Vendor at: 
Delhi Farmers Market