Find Local Products: Forest Products

Woodworkers, artisans and sawmills are some of the many businesses available under Forest Products. These Catskills companies source wood from local, sustainably managed woodlots, including those belonging to private landowners. This relationship is a is a strong economic model for a sustainable working landscape: local landowners providing raw materials to local wood products manufacturers that create jobs for local people.

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Michael McDonough
84 Woodland Road
Stone Ridge and Olive, NY 12484
PH: (646) 256-4497
Ryan Annetts Jake Fairbairn
59 Rider Hollow Road
Arkville, NY 12406
PH: (845) 245-8975
Ronald Morse
2470 County Highway 37
Fleischmanns, NY 12430
PH: (845) 254-4283
Ward Davis
1688 County Highway 35
Milford, NY 13807
PH: (631) 834-9171