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Here to Stay

For hundreds of years, cows have grazed in our mountains, with fields cleared for planting and farmers have found their way to market. We are fortunate to still have the precious resource of productive agricultural land. You can help Pure Catskills farmers keep this tradition going. Find a farm where you can buy local products by searching for your preferences below like product, growing practices, or county.

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Sherry Shaver
8 Alder Creek Road
Livingston Manor, NY 12758
PH: (845) 439-4947
Carol Clement
989 Broome Center Road
Preston Hollow, NY 12469
PH: (518) 239-6234
Gordon Bell
647 Mettacahonts Road
Accord, NY 12404
PH: (845) 626-7849
Franca Tantillo
248 Beaverkill Mountain Road
Roscoe, NY 12776
PH: (607) 498-4666
Patrick Hennebery and Eleanor Blakeslee
2369 Back River Road
Delancey, NY 13752
PH: (607) 267-0184
Aissa O'Neil
21529 State Highway 28
Delhi, NY 13753
PH: (607) 746-9581
Carrie Edsall
223 Hill Road
Cobleskill, NY 12043
PH: (518) 823-4040
Amanda & Lucas Cipperly
186 Stanley Campbell Spur
Delhi, NY 13753
PH: (607) 287-8391
Russell Betz
779 Charcoal Road
Stamford, NY 12167
PH: (607) 652-4712
John Finn, Wendy Buerge Dan Finn & Shannon Mason
Creamery Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740