Find Local Products: Wholesale

Julie Herzog
579 Engleville Road
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
PH: (518) 284-3727
Wholesale Products:
Many of our products are available for wholesale purchase, please contact us for price list!
Lenny & Angie Pieper
61 Conklin Road
Walton, NY 13856
PH: (607) 865-7597
Wholesale Products:
<p>Creamline whole milk.</p>
Joe & Jackie Evans
2400 Gladstone Hollow Road
Andes, NY 13731
PH: (845) 676-3284
Wholesale Products:
<p style="text-align: left;" align="center"><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Wholesale Products</span></strong></p><p>We also ship whole lamb carcasses to New York City twice a month throughout the year.&nbsp; These have been processed in a USDA approved slaughter-house.&nbsp; Please contact us for details.</p>
Becky Kempter
6120 Main Street
Tannersville, NY 12485
PH: (518) 589-4143
Wholesale Products:
<p>We offer wholesale prices of our produce to local restaurants and businesses.</p>
Donna Dickson-Noonan Michael Noonan
2363 Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740
PH: (607) 832-4472
Wholesale Products:
<p>Beef whole or half&nbsp;</p><p>eggs</p><p>goat meat sausage</p><p>meat chicken half&nbsp;</p>
Patrick & Thanya Rider
196 County Road 10
Meridale, NY 13806
PH: (607) 746-8878
Wholesale Products:
<p>Pasture raised Angus Beef, Passtured Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Goat, Lamb and Pork Available year round, deliveries to NYC twice weekly.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Carol Clement
989 Broome Center Road
Preston Hollow, NY 12469
PH: (518) 239-6234
Wholesale Products:
<p>Lamb Animal Welfare Aproved and Certified Grassfed</p><p>Goat</p><p>Pork</p><p>Beef</p><p>Poultry</p><p>Eggs</p>
Kelley Edkins
785 Main Street
Margaretville, NY 12455
PH: (845) 513-5411
Wholesale Products:
<p>We off wholesale with a minimum order of $150.00&nbsp;</p>
George Cubillas
8 Green Avenue
Woodridge, NY 12789
PH: (845) 434-4334
Wholesale Products:
Phil, Susan & Charles Hurd
2187 State Route 32
Modena, NY 12548
PH: (845) 883-7825
Wholesale Products:
<p>Hudson Valley Hurd&nbsp;Apples 8/15-4/16</p><p>Hudson Valley Hurds&nbsp;Pears 9/15-10/15</p><p>Hurds Family Farm&nbsp;Applesauce 4/15-12/15</p><p>Hurds Family Farm Apple Butter 4/15-12/15</p>