Find Local Products: Wholesale

James Anderson
96 Spring Valley Road
Delhi, NY 13753
PH: (607) 746-6163
Wholesale Products:
<p>Honey - 6 lb tubs</p><p>Wedding Favors</p><p>Bulk quantity available by the jar.&nbsp;</p>
Carrie Dashow
4464 Route 32
Catskill, NY 12414
PH: (917) 821-7024
Wholesale Products:
RHUBARB GINGER Herbal Jam Pickled GREEN TOMATO in Ginger Garlic Brine Pickled GARLIC SCAPE SWEET GARLIC Preserve LASOON (Roasted Garlic Nut Crumble) INJI PULI / Ginger Tamarind Herbal Jam TURMERIC GINGER Herbal Jam TURMERIC GINGER SALT PICKLE Seasonal Salt Ferments (South Indian Local Pickles! Depending on crop availability - )
Delmar Crim
11807 County Highway 14
Delhi, NY 13753-8725
PH: (607) 746-3821
Wholesale Products:
Breads, bagels, rolls, pies, pastries
Greg Lofaro
672 Old Route 17
PO Box 33
Livingston Manor, NY 12758
PH: (845) 439-1232
Wholesale Products:
Call 845-439-1232 or check for a list of our currently available beers to be purchased for your establishment.
Nicole Day Gray
27905 State Highway 28
Andes, NY 13731
PH: (845) 676-4550
Wholesale Products:
<p>Our Shared Commercial Kitchen is an incubator for budding food entrepreneurs who are selling into our store and also wholesaling out the door!&nbsp; Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about our producers and their products.</p>
Chase Kruppo
189-829 Brush Ridge Road
Fleischmanns, NY 12430
PH: (313) 242-7324
Wholesale Products:
We wholesale packaged honey to retailers as well speciality bakers, candy makers, and restaurants. Contact for details.
Lenny Prezorski
4953 State Route 145
Cobleskill, NY 12043
PH: (518) 234-4268
Wholesale Products:
<p>All of our fresh picked vegetables are seasonally available for wholesale.&nbsp; Tomatoes, peppers and sweet corn, to name a few, are available by the bushel.&nbsp; We specialize in a wide array of fall ornamentals.&nbsp; Gourds, squash, Indian corn and pumpkins from mini to giant by the bushel or pallet bin.&nbsp; Please call us at 518-231-4693 for availability and prices. &nbsp;Local delivery available.</p>
Shannon & Dan Finn
Danforth Jersey Farm
157 Danforth Road
Jefferson , NY 12093
PH: (607) 652-2814
Wholesale Products:
Butter Cheese Beef and pork charcuterie
Chris, Judy, Elena & Greg DiBenedetto
257 Route 3
Halcott Center, NY 12430
PH: (845) 254-4009
Wholesale Products:
<p>Cream Line Milk-1/2 Gallons</p>
Adam & Annette Diehl
93 Diehl Road
Callicoon, NY 12723
PH: (845) 482-5047
Wholesale Products:
<p>Maple Syrup</p><p>Maple Cream</p><p>Maple Sugar</p><p>Christmas Trees (11/15-12/25)</p><p>Milk</p>