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Chefs line up early in the morning at regional farm markets to choose the sweetest berries, tenderest peas and most fragrant herbs. The flavor that local food so generously imparts is beyond compare. The chef, as artist, will not settle for less. Diners can now taste the difference between ingredients that traveled thousands of miles and those picked in the fields around them. Throughout the Catskill region, more and more restaurants are featuring local produce on their menus. Search below for a Pure Catskills restaurant where you can taste the difference.

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Jonah Shaw
53 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753
PH: (607) 746-8886
Kim Rayevsky
25 Cooley Road
Parksville, NY 12768
PH: (845) 747-4123
Ana Sporer Frank Giorgini
3689 County Route 67
Freehold, NY 12431
PH: (518) 634-7790
13 Scribner Hollow Road
Hunter, NY 12442
PH: (518) 628-5130
Soraia Haberli
PO Box 333
Jeffersonville, NY 12748
PH: (845) 482-2387
Denise Warren
1211 Kelso Road
East Meredith, NY 13757
PH: (607) 278-5800
Inez Valk
52030 State Highway 10
Bloomville, NY 13739
PH: (607) 643-6509
839 Shandelee Road
Livingston Manor, NY 12758
PH: (845) 439-5070
Rob Franciose Beth Schwartz
167 E. Front Street
Hancock, NY 13783
PH: (607) 637-2253
Melissa Pycroft
760 Main Street
Hobart, NY 13788
PH: (607) 538-3006